Who are we? Get to know us at Rocky Mountain Bengals.

Not just one person can take care of these cats on a fulltime basis and give them all the care that they need.  It takes a team and I have a great one standing behind me.  Melissa who is here 5+ days a week to care for the cats daily and make sure they are taken care of my Husband Mike and kids Austin and Jordyn who help out every evening while we feed, clean, and just play with the cats.  One of my closest friends Tiana who is here whenever I call and a huge supporter.  We are a team at RM Bengals and work together as a family, Our cats are our priority.

Driven by our strong company values


We are always working on our breeding program to bring our customers the best quality in our kittens all while still following the heritage of the Bengal cat.


The purchase of your kitten comes with a lifetime of support. We will help in any way possible, and willing to reach out to our colleagues for questions we may not know the answers to.


We promise that we will always do our best, our kittens will always come first, and we will do what is best for their health and future.